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An Open-Air Gondola

An Open-Air Gondola

Published : 13-May-2024 07:16

La Plagne has announced that visitors will be able to travel above its highest terrain standing in a gondola that is open to the elements - with no glass walls.

Instead passengers will be roped into the cabin on the ride up from Roche de Mio at 2,739m to the top station at 3,080m

Marketed under the name 'AÉROLIVE' sand as 'unique in the world', the activity will be offered on one day only this summer with two cabins on the lift, named "L'ACROBATE" (Acrobat) and "LA FUNAMBULE," (Tightrope walker) created without glass to provide, "an exceptional unobstructed panoramic view."

Particpants are advised to ensure phones and cameras are tied to them with straps too.

The activity will be offered on July 8, 2024 only, will be subject to favourable conditions and cost €49 per person with a minimum height requirement of 1.4m.

Each trip will take 30 minutes including briefing and cabin ride with a maximum of six people per cabin.

A growing number of ski resorts are also offering the chance to ride up their mountains on open air 'balconies' created on the roofs of cable cars in summer. These include Dachstein, Tignes and Snowbird with Zermatt joining them this summer.

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